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NEW - M1A1 Thompson Sub-Machinegun Pre-May Sample Minty!

This WWII issue M1A1 Thompson has been a safe Queen for 35 years. Pre-May Dealer sample can only be transferred to Licensed SOT. The serial number is in the 7190XX very end of production for the M1A1... The condition is excellent with 98% original untouched factory finish toned to a very dark green patina. The bore is perfect and will rate a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. This model has been referred to as a "Tanker Model" with its reinforcement band around the forend. This Thompson is U.S. Property Marked and has all the early M1 features. M1 Paddle selectors deep factory blue and M1 Bolt! The wood is minty with no damage anywhere. The correct NoBukl 1914 date sling, it has it all... You will not find a better Pre-May Thompson! Please e-mail or call Tommy at 760-912-3761 with all questions and concerns. $40.00 shipping. Insurance will be additional.


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