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NEW - Rockola M1 Carbine 1942/43 98% Untouched.

This is a very early Rockola M1 Carbine that came from an elderly collector who's family is selling off his collection after his passing. This person collected only the highest quality and highest condition U.S. Military Arms. He was a collector, not a shooter. The serial number of this example is 45470XX placing date of manufacture in 1942-43. This Carbine is in excellent condition with a pristine bore and the early "Dulite" finish at 98+%. The bore is perfect and will rate a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. Exterior of trigger group starting to tone, all parts large and small are Rockola and in exceptional condition. Please phone Tommy at (760)-912-3761 or e-mail all questions and concerns. $35.00 shipping. Insurance will be additional.


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