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NEW - Springfield M1 Garand "9/41" all correct 98%

Springfield M1 Garand WWII Issue serial number 379XXX Placing date of manufacture in September 1941. Very hard to upgrade from this one. All correct and in unissued condition. The original untouched finish is 98% toned to a very nice green patina. The bore of this upside down 9/41 is perfect and gauges new at both ends. All "draw numbers" are correct for each part and component per the Garand collectors books we have as research material. This is a "lend lease" rifle with correct Birmingham proof marks. Being a lend lease Garand explains the condition, Great Britain was never attacked rifle was never used. Please phone Tommy at (760)-912-3761 or e-mail all questions and concerns.  $35.00 shipping, insurance will be additional.


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