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Winchester 1885 "High Wall" .25/20 S.S. Deluxe 30"

Winchester Model 1885 High Wall Single Shot Deluxe Sporting Rifle. The serial number of this example is 1026XX placing date of manufacture in 1906. The Buffalo Bill Museum Letter that will accompany this 1885 provides the following description as recorded in the Warehouse shipping ledger. Type: Rifle, Caliber: 25/20 Barrel Type: 1/2 Octagon, Barrel Weight: #3, Barrel Length: 30 inches, Trigger: Plain, Checkered Stock, Pistol Grip, Sights, Lyman combination rear sight with cup disc #2, Lyman leaf sight #6, Lyman combination front sight #5, Smokeless, Light Pull, Received into the Warehouse on November 18th, 1910, Shipped from the Warehouse on November 19th, 1910, Order number 284990. Failed to be mentioned in the Museum Letter is: Schuetzen Butt Plate, Factory Optic Sight Blocks and the Factory Single Set Trigger!, very typical of the information the shipping ledger lacks, inaccurate at best! .25/20 S.S. is the rare Stevens .25/20 chambering. Overall condition is excellent. 98+% original factory rust blue. The bore is minty and will rate a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. Wood to metal fit is perfect with 99% original factory varnish remaining. This Rifle was well cared for and shows very little evidence of ever being fired. Please phone Tommy at (760)-912-3761 or e-mail all questions and concerns. $35.00 shipping. Insurance will be additional.


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