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Winchester 1892 .44 Lyman 21 Receiver Sight"1903"

Winchester Model 1892 Sporting Rifle with factory 24 inch round barrel, Lyman 21 Receiver Sight, Shotgun Butt,44-40wcf. The serial number of this example is 215XXX placing date of manufacture in 1902-03. Overall condition is fine to excellent with the barrel and magazine retaining 96+% of the original factory rust blue. The bore is perfect and will rate a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. The receiver has retained approx. 96+% of its original factory blue with a tight, smooth and mechanically perfect action. Case colors will be seen on the hammer and protected areas of the lever. Wood to metal fit is perfect with 95% of the original factory varnish remaining. The barrel is "Double Proofed" indicating a return to the factory for "R&R". The receiver has been plugged where the stud for a saddle ring was, explaining the probable R&R. This rifle probably started life as a Carbine and was returned for barrel replacement and a Lyman 21 installed. This was a common practice back in the day. This is a beautiful Model 1892 .44-40 and would make a great collectible. Please phone Tommy at (760)-912-3761 or e-mail all questions and concerns. $35.00 shipping. Insurance will be additional.


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