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Winchester 1897 WWI "Trench Gun" Untouched!

Here is a very rare collectible often sought after by our Military Collectors. Winchester Model 1897 WWI issue Trench Gun. The serial number of this example is 677851 placing it in the last order shipment Block #3. The serial number of this gun places it in the serial number range of the guns issued to the 3RD Marines Detachment in Peping, China in 7 June of 1939. Untouched no evidence of rebuild, I wish this one could talk. The bore is bright and shiny from muzzle to breech. The action is tight, smooth and mechanically perfect. The hammer occasionally falls to half cock position with use of slide. Trigger tension spring may need tightening or just cleaned... WWI guns were not marked and less than 20% were marked some time after the war. This one is correctly marked with hand stamped flaming bomb and U.S. at the right upper receiver. Nice war hits on the stock. Very rare untouched example! Please phone Tommy at (760)-912-3761 or e-mail all questions and concerns. $35.00 shipping. Insurance will be additional.


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